Your legal right not to be discriminated against in your employment.

24th , February, 2018. 13.00 – 17.00
The Eve Wigan Room, The Folk Hall, Portishead

The ‘Gig’ economy is the most extreme example of the growing exploitation of the UK workforce generally and the young employed in particular. The workshop, using genuine case-law case studies is designed to kickstart a basic knowledge of rights and responsibilities at work using actual Equality Act case law to illustrate what standards courts expect of managers across the whole range of discrimination, including references to insecure contracts, minimum/living wage, equal and holiday pay trades union representation and protection. A more detailed flyer and application form will be circulated soon,

That there is no permanent Homeless shelter in North Somerset, is a disgraceful state of affairs; Conservative North Somerset Councillors should hang their heads in shame.

Did you know that the Police in Bristol have been sending homeless people from Bristol to Weston-super-Mare telling them there is a shelter for them to sleep at?  There is not, the only shelter that ever opens in Weston or North Somerset only operates for a few days over Christmas.

Could you imagine sleeping out in the gales and rain of the last few days? Do you imagine people do this through their own choice? No-one would voluntarily subject themselves to that sort of existence.

At our monthly meeting of the Weston Labour Party earlier this week some of our members when leaving to go home happened upon this very thing.  There was a man, who had been sent that very evening by the police from Cardiff to Bristol, then again by the Police from Bristol to Weston, just pushing this poor man along the tracks to become “someone else’s problem”

This is just not acceptable

Most admirably, between them, our members from their own pockets, raised enough money for this man to stay in a B&B that evening, and provided his fare to get back to Bristol where there are several homeless shelters, and at least some infrastructure to assist someone in that situation.

The Conservatives keep throwing out the tired old line that the homeless on our streets are not really homeless and are “professional beggars” “travelling by train” to the town daily to fleece residents – this just is not the case.  If you go out around the town late in the evening you will see well over a dozen rough sleepers, in all weather conditions.

Cllr Ap Rees (Deputy Council Leader) when interviewed on Radio Bristol a few days ago mentioned the homeless man who sleeps outside a bank in Weston, I have personally spoken to this man, he is genuinely homeless and chooses that location to sleep in because it is well lit and so he feels safer there.  You can hear the Radio Bristol interview with Cllr. Ap Rees here starting at 2h07m (available until 30th January 2018)

These people are some of our most vulnerable. It was Mahatma Ghandi who said “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”.  At this current time, under this government, and the previous, we do not measure up, we are not a great nation; we will not be until we properly address the issues facing the most vulnerable in our society.

For the Many Not the Few.


At the end of this month, the argument for fair votes will be heard for the first time in Parliament since the election.

Pro-reform MPs will have their first chance to get proportional representation on the agenda. It’s vital we don’t miss this chance.

This all comes off the back of reformers’ 100,000-strong petition earlier this year to get the issue debated this Parliament. What an achievement.

Now, we need to make sure as many pro-reform MPs attend to show this issue isn’t going away. In fact, after June’s chaotic election, the campaign is picking up pace – and it needs your help.


By backing the campaign for fair votes, you made this happen. Now let’s ensure this opportunity doesn’t go to waste.

Together, we can get the call for a modern, democratic voting system heard loud and clear in the halls of Westminster.

Darren Hughes,
Chief Executive,
Electoral Reform Society

Weston Labour Party are calling on comrades across the South West for help in their campaign to protest A&E Closure in their town. A statement today read “Bridgwater, Wells ,North Somerset, and of all Constituencies fighting the cuts to our NHS imposed by this Conservative Government. What happens to one of us today will surely happen to another tomorrow.”

Weston General Hospital A&E Overnight Closure

The statement continued “As you must be aware we have lost our A&E provision at Weston General Hospital between 10pm and 8am. Though the announcement carried the term ‘temporary’ we have it from a significantly reliable source that it will be closed overnight for at least a year and that the A&E model will be restructured before it is reopened with a different type of provision. This affects all constituencies relying on Weston General Hospital directly. It affects other constituencies indirectly. Bristol and Taunton for example will take the extra load in their already understaffed hospitals leading to longer queues and exhausted staff. The knock on effect has our service suffering a domino effect across the region and across the country with each area hospital placing extra load

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Autumn Campaign

Weston Labour Party has several activities lined up  in early September to protest this closure.

September 2nd – 10am – 2.30pm. They plan to petition for the re-opening of Weston General A&E overnight service in Weston town centre, based at their gazebo.

September 4th – 8.30pm. They will hold a candlelit vigil outside Weston General Hospital to commemorate 2 months of Closure. This will happen every month until they have overnight provision reinstated.

September 5th – 9am. They will hold a protest outside Weston General Hospital because the Trust Board members turn up for their 10am meeting.

There are also plans to hold public meetings during September and October .

Annie Higgs, Secretary, Weston-super-Mare CLP said “I’m giving you this information on behalf of our CLP because you are also affected and we want you to come and join us in our actions. Can you please let your members, friends and neighbours know that every person who joins us is welcome. We need all the people, members and none members we can muster to fight this.  We have to let the people of our constituencies know what’s happening to their NHS provision. Thank you in advance for your support.”