Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


About Us


Our main aim is to encourage the people of North Somerset to become involved in the Labour Party’s efforts to make North Somerset a fairer and better place to live and work. We, of course, also welcome ideas and opinions from like-minded people and organisations in the wider community.
We have made contact with many local community organisations and, of course, local trades unions with a view to furthering the well-being of our community by supporting and when possible sponsoring worthwhile causes and events.We aim to develop an online community resource that presents you with the opportunity to seek support, raise your issues and to get involved with campaigns.

Our Aims and Objectives

North Somerset Labour Party intends to achieve the long-held and much valued objectives of the Labour Party for the benefit of our constituents in North Somerset. Namely:

  • social justice
  • strong community and strong values
  • reward for hard work
  • decency
  • rights matched by responsibilities

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20th century. However its achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people.

In North Somerset we have a District Council with a Conservative majority. Our Council – and our MP, Dr. Liam Fox – staunchly support their Government’s failed austerity policies. The Council has been cutting services to the detriment of our community. We need your active support to change these policies.

The Constituency Executive Group

The Executive Group provide the constituency labour party with leadership and administrative functions. The members of the Executive Group are generally known as ‘the Exec’ and they are:

Nikki Barton –

Vice Chair (Membership)
Debbie Valentine –

Angela Everett –

Chris Watts –

IT & Social Media
Johanna Spiers –




Our stall as the Portishead Victorian evening was very popular not just for the fabulous prizes in the tombola but also for the well-dressed attendants!

The Constituency Profile
The Parliamentary Constituency of North Somerset was known as Woodspring up until 2010. North Somerset Constituency covers the northern part of the North Somerset district council area. Its main towns are Clevedon, Nailsea and Portishead but it also covers a large rural area with many smaller towns and villages.

There are almost 79,000 registered voters and hundreds of Labour Party members in the 23 local wards in our Constituency.

While in general North Somerset is an affluent area, parts of the constituency (in Clevedon and Pill) have higher than average levels of income deprivation, including income deprivation affecting children and older people. There are also parts of each of the major towns with above average unemployment, levels of crime and deprivation in education and skills. People in North Somerset are also more likely to find difficulties in accessing housing than many other parts of the country.

Labour Party members and supporters are working hard across the Constituency to try to ensure that North Somerset Council addresses the needs of local people.

Local Council wards are:

Portishead North, Portishead South, Portishead East, Portishead West, Gordano Valley, Pill, Clevedon South, Clevedon West, Clevedon East, Clevedon Yeo, Clevedon Walton, Yatton, Nailsea Golden Valley, Nailsea Yeo, Nailsea WestEnd, Nailsea Youngwood, Backwell, Long Ashton, Wrington, Winford;

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