Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


BBC Consultation – Protecting our BBC…

As you know, the Tories are antagonistic towards the BBC and think it should be reduced to a small rump, handing over much of its excellent output to the private sector. More Mr Murdoch and the Daily Mail in charge!

Can this consultation go on the website too – it closes on 5th November, with a bang, I presume.

Click here to add your views to the consultation 

If there words start you thinking about how important it is that the BBC remains a strong, in-dependant, unique and world class organisation you may want to get involved further.

The 38 Degrees has a Stand Up for the BBC petition .

They say:

We’re standing up for a strong, vibrant, publicly funded BBC.

The BBC is a great British institution, respected the world over. We don’t want to see it undermined.

This means we must:

  • Protect the BBC’s funding by preserving the licence fee, and the clarity that comes with the current funding model.
  • Help the BBC develop by putting first value for money and quality of service for licence fee payers, not the commercial interests of rival media companies.
  • Ensure the BBC’s independence by preventing politicians from interfering in its day-to-day running, keeping the corporation impartial and independent, working in the best interests of and accountable to the British people.

To sign the petition and for more info, Click Here

And finally, check out the Save Our BBC Campaign, Link Here.

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