• The Tory promises they want you to forget….

    We were sent this short YouTube video from our former CLP Chairman, it’s a stark reminder that the Tory’s will promise anything during an election and clearly have little commitment for […]

  • North Somerset – Fairer Funding Campaign

    North Somerset CLP supports the North Somerset Times Fairer Funding for North Somerset Campaign.  Sign the petition here. This issue has been discussed over many years,  our two current Tory […]

  • Immigration and Borders – An important Issue

    Here in the south west under 8% of the population was born abroad, that’s the 8th out of the ten regions. The information leaflet ‘ Truth, Lies and Migrants’ from […]

  • Labour Publishes anti-privatisation NHS Bill

    From our Election Agent Paul Dunn Paul wanted to highlight the importance of this Bill in protecting our NHS from the negative impact of enforced competition in the provision of […]

  • Greg visits the Ring O’Bells in Nailsea

    Our prospective parliamentary candidate, Greg Chambers enjoyed a drink and a chat at the Ring O’Bells, St Mary’s Grove, Nailsea. Nailsea People Dotcom, the local online news website were on […]

  • When Tory privatisation means nationalisation

    From Hedley Woods, former Chairman and WebAdmin for North Somerset CLP. Hedley has written an intro to a Guardian business leader about the manner in which overseas Governments are acquiring our […]

Council Election – May 2nd, 2019