I believe that the measure of a society is how it treats its vulnerable, and I don’t like what the government is saying about Britain, that public services can glibly be cut, against all the evidence that shows what a false economy it is and how people suffer as a result. I believe that a nation’s greatest assets are its people, and we need not to shy away from supporting and training people throughout their life. I believe in the principle of free and equal education, not abandoning and writing off schools because of league table results. I believe in listening to the people; not shouting them down, accepting where their concerns are legitimate and challenging where needed. I believe in a kinder, gentler, more collegiate politics with more to it than deceptive soundbites, transparent with the people. I believe in a Leader who can’t be bought, and a Party which fights for equality and fairness. I believe in Our Party, the Labour Party.

I'm voting Labour because I feel all families deserve decent public services.

I will be voting Labour because I believe that every family in this country should have a fair chance to live a happy and fulfilled life.  The last Labour government built Surestart and children’s centres, launched new services to support victims of domestic abuse and invested in the NHS.  This investment in our communities did not cause the global economic crisis, bankers did; but ordinary people have had to pay the price.

Under a Tory government these services have been closed or cut beyond sustainability, to say nothing of severe cuts to social services, police, libraries, schools and other services right across the public sector.  Austerity is a political choice, not a necessity, there is no excuse not to ensure that everyone has access to decent services and the same life chances no matter where they live or who their parents are.

George Osborne  and David Cameron used to say “We’re all in this together”; I didn’t believe them then and sadly I’ve been proved right – only Labour will act in the best interests of ordinary people.