During the Conservative Party Conference, Home Secretary Amber Rudd floated a proposal to force companies to publish the proportion of international staff on their books.

Such a policy would do nothing to address concerns over job availability. Instead, it would serve only to heighten division within British communities and foster anti-immigrant sentiment. 

Singling migrants out as a separate category in this way wilfully ignores the contributions they make to Britain and its society.

During her conference speech Rudd also said:

“I believe immigration has brought many benefits to the nation. It has enhanced our economy, our society and our culture.

This is why I want to reduce net migration while continuing to ensure we attract the brightest and the best.

Because it’s only by reducing the numbers back down to sustainable levels that we can change the tide of public opinion … so once again immigration is something we can all welcome.”

Policies such as this one – not to mention others outside the scope of this petition – do nothing to assist in changing this “tide” or in supporting the notion that immigration is a positive for Britain economically, socially and culturally.

This policy is also a simple one to dismiss: it serves little purpose and would not be missed.

The government should withdraw this proposal.

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Our legislators should be chosen by the people, not appointed by politicians. Please sign our petition calling for an elected second chamber.

Dear party leaders,

The House of Lords is unsustainable – it’s too big, it costs too much and its members are unaccountable to the public.

We believe the House of Lords should be 100% elected using a fair voting system.

Tinkering with the Lords by limiting allowances or speeding up the expulsion process won’t deal with the big issues. The only way to get real fairness and sustainability in the upper chamber is to have a fully elected House.

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This petition asks that Liam Fox resign from his position as Patron of North Somerset Mencap – it is surely questionable that someone can be on the board of a governing body of a disability organisation while also voting in Parliament for cuts to disability benefits. At the time of writing, this petition already has 166 signatures – can we make it to 1000?

A few more petitions which you might be interested in

Reverse the ESA disability benefit cut

Stephen Crabb. RESIGN as Mencap Patron Pembs immediately. Voted for disabled to lose £30 a week ESA.

Scrap plans to force state schools to become academies

Free feminine sanitary products for all women.

As you know, the Tories are antagonistic towards the BBC and think it should be reduced to a small rump, handing over much of its excellent output to the private sector. More Mr Murdoch and the Daily Mail in charge!

Can this consultation go on the website too – it closes on 5th November, with a bang, I presume.

Click here to add your views to the consultation 

If there words start you thinking about how important it is that the BBC remains a strong, in-dependant, unique and world class organisation you may want to get involved further.

The 38 Degrees has a Stand Up for the BBC petition .

They say:

We’re standing up for a strong, vibrant, publicly funded BBC.

The BBC is a great British institution, respected the world over. We don’t want to see it undermined.

This means we must:

  • Protect the BBC’s funding by preserving the licence fee, and the clarity that comes with the current funding model.
  • Help the BBC develop by putting first value for money and quality of service for licence fee payers, not the commercial interests of rival media companies.
  • Ensure the BBC’s independence by preventing politicians from interfering in its day-to-day running, keeping the corporation impartial and independent, working in the best interests of and accountable to the British people.

To sign the petition and for more info, Click Here

And finally, check out the Save Our BBC Campaign, Link Here.

The Tories have launched another ideological attack against the unions, and this time they aim to reduce the amount of funding that unions can give to the Labour Party, try to stop democratic strikes by introducing very high vote percentages before they are legal, and forcing people to say, two weeks in advance, if they are going use social media to advertise the action.

Of course, there will be no limit on funds that bankers and fund managers give to the Tories, nor will they insist that politicians get similar levels of votes before they can be elected. Rank hypocrisy.

What can you do…? Sign this petition from the  Trade Union Group HERE

More information from the Trade Union Group

Trade Union Bill: Leading the fightback

The Trade Union Bill may only be just over 30 pages long but reads like a catalogue of limitations to trade union freedoms and civil liberties, amounting to the greatest attack on working people in 30 years.

Instead of fighting to better the lives of the very people who have been hit hardest by their own policies, the Tories have chosen to undermine their rights at work.

Instead of amplifying the voices of working people in the workplace and political arena, they have chosen to try to silence them.

And instead of taking pity on workers who have been forced to take strike action as a final resort in a last ditch attempt to get the conditions at work that they deserve, the Tories have chosen to demonise them.

Make no mistake about it, this proves more than ever that the Tories have their sights set firmly on Britain’s 6 million trade unionists and it’s up to us to take a stand.

From our former Agent and Chair, Mr Paul Dunn

A campaign organised to protect the BBC from the funding cuts imposed by the Tory government.

12th July 2015 already 12,702 of 15,000 signatures
To help this worthwhile campaign, click HERE to sign the on-line petition.

The Tory manifesto pledge to freeze the BBC licence fee for another 5 years will bring the greatest independent global broadcaster to its knees. Entire services will be cut, well-loved series dumped and thousands of jobs lost. We love the BBC and we won’t let it be killed off!

Why is this important?

Whatever you may think of Eastenders and W1A or whether you are for or against Top Gear, set all that aside and act now to defend ‘our cultural NHS’. As members of BECTU – the media and entertainment union – we are asking you to join us in saving the BBC.

Can you imagine a world without the BBC?

The BBC makes a rich range of programmes with something for everyone, from award winning dramas & documentaries to sit–coms & soaps. The BBC is watched and listened to by 96% of the UK population. Two thirds of all UK adults listen to BBC Radio and half of all UK adults use BBC Online each week.

It’s good value as the BBC licence fee costs under 40p per day (£145.50 a year) for 9 TV channels, 10 national radio stations, a network of local radio stations and an internationally acclaimed website as well as the internationally loved World Service.

The top packages from Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk cost more than £1,000 a year. The BBC produces thousands of hours of original programming while Sky, on an income nearly double that of the BBC, makes only a tiny amount.

Only on the BBC can children watch their favourite programmes uninterrupted by advertising. The BBC is free from shareholder pressure and advertiser influence with a mandate to make programmes for all interest groups.

The licence fee is the single biggest investment in UK arts and creative industries with over half spent in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English Regions. Every £1 of licence fee spent by the BBC, generates £2 of economic activity.

BBC News is the largest broadcast news gathering operation in the world. The BBC is the public face of Britain abroad and has a weekly global audience of 308m.

The whole world wishes they had the BBC – you have it, don’t let them kill it off!

Campaign created by BECTU campaigns Icon-email

Greg Chambers, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for North Somerset, has expressed his concern about the government’s plans to stop funding for rural community councils such as the one in Somerset.

Mr Chambers said that ‘these councils provide an important voice for rural communities and services like maintaining village halls, and lobbying for better transport and digital infrastructure. It beggars belief that Defra can think about these cuts when rural communities are under so much stress already’

‘Please take a minute to sign this petition. They receive no funding from Somerset County Council and may not survive if this grant is withdrawn. Other Community Councils are in the same position.’


Greg Chambers
TA11 6HR