At the end of this month, the argument for fair votes will be heard for the first time in Parliament since the election.

Pro-reform MPs will have their first chance to get proportional representation on the agenda. It’s vital we don’t miss this chance.

This all comes off the back of reformers’ 100,000-strong petition earlier this year to get the issue debated this Parliament. What an achievement.

Now, we need to make sure as many pro-reform MPs attend to show this issue isn’t going away. In fact, after June’s chaotic election, the campaign is picking up pace – and it needs your help.


By backing the campaign for fair votes, you made this happen. Now let’s ensure this opportunity doesn’t go to waste.

Together, we can get the call for a modern, democratic voting system heard loud and clear in the halls of Westminster.

Darren Hughes,
Chief Executive,
Electoral Reform Society

Rules about lobbying transparency are more lax in the UK than they are in the US and EU, meaning that companies like Google are required to report less about their lobbying activities in Whitehall than they have to report in Washington and Brussels.
We need real lobbying transparency now.

Join our campaign to open up lobbying here:

Our legislators should be chosen by the people, not appointed by politicians. Please sign our petition calling for an elected second chamber.

Dear party leaders,

The House of Lords is unsustainable – it’s too big, it costs too much and its members are unaccountable to the public.

We believe the House of Lords should be 100% elected using a fair voting system.

Tinkering with the Lords by limiting allowances or speeding up the expulsion process won’t deal with the big issues. The only way to get real fairness and sustainability in the upper chamber is to have a fully elected House.

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Professor Michael Dougan, the leading EU lawyer whose criticism of the referendum campaign’s “industrial dishonesty” went viral, has assessed the UK’s position following the vote to leave the EU.

The University of Liverpool Law School Professor has spent his career studying EU law as it relates to the UK; contributing to Parliamentary Select Committees, advising government and helping media fact check the barrage of assertions emanating from the Remain and Leave camps in the run up to the referendum on June 23.

Now, following the UK’s vote to leave, Professor Dougan has repeated his criticism, asserting that the Leave campaign was “one of the most dishonest campaigns this country has ever seen”, potentially resulting in “untold damage to the quality of our national democracy”.

Addressing the core of Vote Leave’s position, Professor Dougan considers allegations relating to the power held by the European Commission, the volume of law that emanates from the EU, the likelihood of a European Army, Turkey’s ascension to the EU – “no prospect in our lifetimes”, TTIP and immigration.

And because most of the campaign was based on constitutional and legal issues, he says it is therefore “relatively easy for a constitutional lawyer like me to investigate and evaluate the main planks of what the Leave campaign had to say”.

Professor Dougan is also highly critical of the actions of Vote Leave’s most prominent members in the days after the vote, as it quickly emerged that no plan was in place and their pre-referendum claims rapidly unravelled.

But he also expressed his concern that many of those that did Vote Leave will “not get the things they were falsely promised” and that this could leave them feeling “more disenfranchised, more marginalised and more angry”.

Finally, he says that this is now a “political crisis that needs a political solution” and that the Government has a “constitutional responsibility to protect the national interest”, with Parliament the ultimate decision-maker on whether the UK follows through and leaves the European Union.

Disclosure statement:

Professor Dougan is an employee of the University of Liverpool. He does not work for, undertake paid consultancy for, or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this post.