Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


Equality North Somerset – A New Local Group meets on Tuesday 31st May

UK income inequality is amongst the highest in the developed world and evidence shows that this is bad for almost everyone – people in more equal societies live longer, have better mental health and have better chances for a good education regardless of their background. Community life is stronger where the income gap is narrower, children do better at school and they are less likely to become teenage parents. When inequality is reduced people trust each other more, there is less violence and rates of imprisonment are lower.

If we want to build a better society, it is essential we take action. The Equality Trust is working with others to build a social movement for change, including supporting a network of campaign groups across the country and a small group of local people have recently joined together to start a North Somerset group. The district has the 3rd highest level of inequality in the UK so there is much work to be done!

We are holding a meeting on Tuesday 31 May 7.00-8.30pm at Clevedon Town Hall, 44 Old Street, Clevedon BS21 6BU.

This is a new group so we will be discussing how to take the work forwards and the roles people might want to play in this. We are not linked to any political party although some of us are Labour Party members and we think that the core values of the party correspond to this work.

For more details contact Louise Branch Tel 07867 317176

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