Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


Letter to the Editor on Immigration

To: The Editor

North Somerset Times

I write in response to the letter from J. Hughes last week, in which s/he refers to lots of perceived problems, but quotes no facts about the south west. In fact: 96.7% speak English as their first language and only 0.1% don’t speak English; the three largest groups are Polish, German and Irish; 94% of people in North Somerset were born in the UK; when asked, British people think that the UK Muslim population is 24%, when, in fact, it is 5% nationally and 1% in the south west; we are more likely to be treated in hospital by a migrant than we are to meet one in the waiting room; 29 million tourists cane to the UK last year and yet some panic about migrants; and 23,910 foreign students paid to study at our SW universities in 2011-12, the largest number from China, and the most popular course was business studies.
These are just a few of the facts gleaned from the latest census, but you can find more facts, by visiting
Of course, if Liam Fox MP has his way, we will come out of the EU and then we can send all of these people home, but, of course, we will then have to receive an even larger number of Brits who will be forced to come back here to live.
I’m not calling anyone a mindless xenophobe, but it would be nice if people like J. Hughes based their argument on facts and not myths.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Dunn
3 The Deans
BS20 6EG

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