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NHS, The Inside Story (of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan)

North Somerset Constituency Labour Party Meeting
January 10th 2017
The Railway Inn, Station Road, Yatton

The Sustainability and Transformation Plan – How it will affect the NHS in North Somerset? (PDF)

Right now Jeremy Hunt’s Department of Health is bringing in “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” (STPs) to cut yet more costs in our NHS.  Across the country:

  • They are trying to cut England’s major A&E Departments from over 150 to fewer than 50.
  • They are trying to say that people can be cared for in the community.
  • They are trying to force our council to implement these changes.
  • They are pretending to give them new money – but it’s not new, it’s coming out of existing NHS budgets.
  • They have already slashed our council’s budgets for adult social care, mental care, and community care, with huge cuts in financial support for our elderly relatives in Care Homes.
  • Do you really believe that people will be cared for in the community?  Or do you think it’s just another way of cutting costs?


  • If you’re having a baby…
  • If you’ve been injured in an accident…
  • If your cough is getting worse and worse…
  • If an operation is the only alternative…
  • If it’s the diagnosis you really didn’t want to hear…
  • It’s the NHS that’s always there for you
  • And it’s been there for you ever since 1948
  • But if you want your children and your grandchildren to be cared for in the same way you have to fight to keep it.
  • After all, It’s our NHS and it’s for all of us.  This government doesn’t want us to have our NHS.  They think we should all have private health insurance

Please join us at our Constituency Labour Party meeting on January 10th where retired GP, Dr Martin Hime, will lead the debate on what we can do to protect our NHS in North Somerset.

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