Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


Petition: Reject Amber Rudd’s proposal to force companies to publish foreign staff numbers

During the Conservative Party Conference, Home Secretary Amber Rudd floated a proposal to force companies to publish the proportion of international staff on their books.

Such a policy would do nothing to address concerns over job availability. Instead, it would serve only to heighten division within British communities and foster anti-immigrant sentiment. 

Singling migrants out as a separate category in this way wilfully ignores the contributions they make to Britain and its society.

During her conference speech Rudd also said:

“I believe immigration has brought many benefits to the nation. It has enhanced our economy, our society and our culture.

This is why I want to reduce net migration while continuing to ensure we attract the brightest and the best.

Because it’s only by reducing the numbers back down to sustainable levels that we can change the tide of public opinion … so once again immigration is something we can all welcome.”

Policies such as this one – not to mention others outside the scope of this petition – do nothing to assist in changing this “tide” or in supporting the notion that immigration is a positive for Britain economically, socially and culturally.

This policy is also a simple one to dismiss: it serves little purpose and would not be missed.

The government should withdraw this proposal.

Sign the Petition Here.

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