Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


Unions under ideological attack from the Tory’s again

The Tories have launched another ideological attack against the unions, and this time they aim to reduce the amount of funding that unions can give to the Labour Party, try to stop democratic strikes by introducing very high vote percentages before they are legal, and forcing people to say, two weeks in advance, if they are going use social media to advertise the action.

Of course, there will be no limit on funds that bankers and fund managers give to the Tories, nor will they insist that politicians get similar levels of votes before they can be elected. Rank hypocrisy.

What can you do…? Sign this petition from the  Trade Union Group HERE

More information from the Trade Union Group

Trade Union Bill: Leading the fightback

The Trade Union Bill may only be just over 30 pages long but reads like a catalogue of limitations to trade union freedoms and civil liberties, amounting to the greatest attack on working people in 30 years.

Instead of fighting to better the lives of the very people who have been hit hardest by their own policies, the Tories have chosen to undermine their rights at work.

Instead of amplifying the voices of working people in the workplace and political arena, they have chosen to try to silence them.

And instead of taking pity on workers who have been forced to take strike action as a final resort in a last ditch attempt to get the conditions at work that they deserve, the Tories have chosen to demonise them.

Make no mistake about it, this proves more than ever that the Tories have their sights set firmly on Britain’s 6 million trade unionists and it’s up to us to take a stand.

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