Council Election – May 2nd, 2019


We Start Today

A message to all members and supporters of the Labour Party in North Somerset.

We feel sure that many of you are feeling as we do: sad, devastated and fearful. It is a dreadful result for our country. And it is an outcome of years of governments that have ignored, alienated, stigmatised and worsened the living and working conditions of poor working-class people throughout the UK.

To get a sense of how people are feeling in the constituency, we’ve been looking at postings on our private Facebook page, and were particularly struck by the posting from ‘Another Europe is Possible’:

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. In the months ahead we will try to ensure that we lay the foundations for a better country. We must prove to the world that Britain will not become a byword for intolerance, insularity and despair. Another Europe is possible. Another Britain is necessary.

But more than that, and the thing we really wanted to say, was the response to it from one of our members:

 ‘Indeed. We start start today’.

We couldn’t agree more.

Our constituency Labour Party did well campaigning, with others, for Remain. Of course, it would have been the upset of the night had we been successful – one day we will be. We recognise that some of our members may have chosen to vote Leave, and we respect that such decisions will have been made with much thought. At the same time, it’s worth reflecting that, for our CLP which agreed to support Remain, the vote, 52.2% for Leave and 47.8% for Remain, could have been so much worse and we perhaps can be somewhat comforted that we did indeed confound expectations. This bodes well for the future.

Thanks very much to everyone who campaigned to achieve this.

We will pick ourselves up. And be more committed and passionate than ever working together to ensure that North Somerset contributes to a fair, just and more equal society.

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