North Somerset Labour Party Manifesto

Labour Party Manifesto

Will your MP attend the debate for fair votes?

At the end of this month, the argument for fair votes will be heard for the first time in Parliament since the election.

Pro-reform MPs will have their first chance to get proportional representation on the agenda. It’s vital we don’t miss this chance.

This all comes off the back of reformers’ 100,000-strong petition earlier this year to get the issue debated this Parliament. What an achievement.

Now, we need to make sure as many pro-reform MPs attend to show this issue isn’t going away. In fact, after June’s chaotic election, the campaign is picking up pace – and it needs your help.


By backing the campaign for fair votes, you made this happen. Now let’s ensure this opportunity doesn’t go to waste.

Together, we can get the call for a modern, democratic voting system heard loud and clear in the halls of Westminster.

Darren Hughes,
Chief Executive,
Electoral Reform Society

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