On the doorstep, we have heard from a lot of disgruntled Conservative voters, who are appalled by the mess caused by the current government and intend to vote Labour. To win, we will need Liberal Democrat and Green voters to do the same and with tactical voting we stand a great chance of winning. Our message is clear – vote Liberal or Green and you will get Blue.

Broken Britain

Do you know what the Tories stand for? They have been in government for 14 years and during that time our national debt has increased, yet we have the highest taxes (as percentage of national income) since the 1940s. Meanwhile, mortgage and rental payments have soared, energy bills are a disaster, our NHS is on its knees, schools are literally crumbling and millions live in a state of hopeless destitution. The Conservatives have mismanaged this country for too long leaving working families thousands of pounds worse off and more people than ever needing foodbanks. In what world should people in work be needing to use a foodbank?

What does Labour stand for?

In stark contrast to the chaos, Labour has a vision and a plan to tackle the deep-seated issues which now face this country. We will fight to restore hope and pride in our country and in place of division and decline, Labour will guide this country back to a better future with opportunity for all. If you work hard and play by the rules then you should get on well in life, but this hasn’t been the case in Tory Britain. People are working harder, and for less reward as costs spiral and incomes stagnate.

Our plans are fully costed and fully funded

We have done the maths and all our plans are fully funded and costed. We will root out waste and corruption to ensure that every penny we spend will be an investment in this country. We know all too well from the last 14 years that economic chaos is dangerous and that economic growth and stability is our duty.

The Tories have failed

Our economy has stalled under the Tories – first they brought us austerity which prevented investment for growth and caused so much damage to our public services. All countries have faced economic issues with the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. But our economy has been fared worse than others – inflation is higher and growth is slower. This wasn’t helped by the Liz Trust experiment which crashed the economy, sank the pound and plunged the UK to the brink of recession.

Those with less are carrying the greatest financial burdens. Meanwhile, gratuitous amounts of money has been squandered in PPE scandals and the UK has fallen to its lowest ever score in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. Is it any wonder that trust in politics has fallen, but let’s remember that these scandals are Tory led and owned.

Labour Mission Government

We need more than sticking plaster politics and Labour will deliver through its five fully funded national missions which will support economic stability, a green prosperity plan to achieve clean energy by 2030 and a fairer and more equal society.

Our missions come under the following heading and you can find out more information on the Labour Party website Missions – The Labour Party

  1. Get Britain Building Again
  2. Switch on Great British Energy
  3. Get the NHS Back On Its Feet
  4. Take Back Our Streets
  5. Break Down Barriers to Opportunity

Together we will build a better future, but for a better Britain we need a Labour government. Your vote is your voice, please make sure you are registered to vote and when the time comes Vote Labour.

Register to Vote
Register to Vote
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