Our Election Agent and former CLP Chair Paul Dunn has highlighted the issue of funding to enable rural community councils to continue to support their local communities. We cannot  wholly rely on individuals generosity in volunteering their time and resources, the state must have a role to play in supporting communities.

Paul says ‘Rural Community Councils play an important role in the life of small towns and villages throughout the south west. If you think their funding should not be cut out completely, please sign this petition.’




We were sent this short YouTube video from our former CLP Chairman, it’s a stark reminder that the Tory’s will promise anything during an election and clearly have little commitment for honouring their pledges.

This video is  all the more relevant this week as we see the real impact of Tory political miss management on the NHS with record A&E waiting times and hospitals in crisis.

We’ve not checked the figures but the broken promises cant be argued with..!!



North Somerset CLP supports the North Somerset Times Fairer Funding for North Somerset Campaign.  Sign the petition here.

Fairer funding for North Somerset
Fairer funding for North Somerset

This issue has been discussed over many years,  our two current Tory MPs seem to have achieved nothing in terms of resolving this issue, neither has the Tory led council. Maybe it’s because the squeeze in services doesn’t really impact their day to day lives in the same way it does the less well off and our most vulnerable residents.

So, now the North Somerset Times has taken a lead, please support them by signing their petition.

Sign the petition here.

Here in the south west under 8% of the population was born abroad, that’s the 8th out of the ten regions. The information leaflet ‘ Truth, Lies and Migrants’ from the TUC provides lots of useful data regarding the make up of the south west population and the movement of people in and out of the region.

Here’s a link to the TUC leaflet that provides some real data to give you a picture of this issue in the south west.


Immigration is an important issues and one that needs to be taken seriously. The prosperous and successful future of our country depends on ensuring we attract and maintain the right balance of working age people to support our children and older people.

Controlling our borders effectively and staffing our immigration offices adequately to ensure applications are processed correctly and promptly is of course key to delivering the right balance of working age people to support this country.

Policy decisions should be made based on economic facts, forecasts and statistics, both locally and nationally.

Here’s a link to the TUC leaflet that provides some real data to give you a picture of this issue in the south west.

From our Election Agent Paul Dunn

Paul wanted to highlight the importance of this Bill in protecting our NHS from the negative impact of enforced competition in the provision of services. This is a national issue of key importance to the country, as well as being an issue which will impact all of us in our local areas. Competition can provide a valuable mechanism for improving services and ensuring value for money, however by using the law to enforce competition where the services tendered cannot be effectively outsourced can damage the ability of the NHS to deliver the services we all need and rely on. Furthermore, the commercial, legal and managerial costs of tendering contracts and their ongoing administration could outweigh any perceived monetary savings.  It is only the Labour Party that offers an intelligent balance between Public and Private provision in the NHS.

A new draft law has been laid before Parliament  to repeal the Government’s competition rules currently driving NHS privatisation.

The Private Member’s Bill from Labour’s Clive Efford MP, with the full support of the party’s frontbench, will be put to a Commons vote two weeks today.

The law would free the NHS from David Cameron’s enforced competition and creeping privatisation rules that were ushered in by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

It’s not just the Labour Party and people like you and I who are concerned about the damage the Tory’s have done to the NHS since their election in 2010, it’s also their own Senior Tory Cabinet Ministers who have admitted the reorganisation of the NHS has been their biggest mistake…

Read about why we can’t trust the Tory’s with the NHS here:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/governments-reorganisation-of-the-nhs-was-its-biggest-mistake-say-senior-tories-9790247.html

Our prospective parliamentary candidate, Greg Chambers enjoyed a drink and a chat at the Ring O’Bells, St Mary’s Grove, Nailsea. Nailsea People Dotcom, the local online news website were on hand to take some photos and share in the discussions. Greg was also shown around town by Nailsea Town Council chairman Claire Hunt. Key local issues including the proposed National Grid pylons, housing and the plans for the new Lidl in the centre were discussed. Greg also chatted about his views on other key issues including local transport, schools and access to health care.

From www.nailseapeople.com
From www.nailseapeople.com


From Hedley Woods, former Chairman and WebAdmin for North Somerset CLP. Hedley has written an intro to a Guardian business leader about the manner in which overseas Governments are acquiring our publicly owned organisations through Tory privatisation.

When Tory privatisation means nationalisation

According to the Tory party script the private sector is good and the public sector is a drain on scares resources.   So the very word ‘nationalisation’ must be avoid at all costs and ‘take back into public ownership’ is risky.   So it may surprise you to know that some privatisations have led to nationalisation.

Here are a few examples.

In the energy sector one of the main beneficiaries of Tory privatisation has been EDF.   EDF or to give it its full name Électricité De France is owned by the French state.

According to many polls the majority of people in the UK wish our railways to be state owned.  They are:

Abellio, a unit of the Dutch national rail operator, has a 10-year contract ScotRail franchise for running train services in Scotland.

Arriva, which is owned by Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, runs five UK rail contracts, including CrossCountry and Arriva Trains Wales.

Keolis, controlled by the French state rail company SNCF, is the joint operator of four franchises, including Southeastern and London Midland. They have been shortlisted for the London-to-Edinburgh east coast route (currently a UK state owned organisation) in a joint bid with SNCF-backed Eurostar.

Read more here: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/oct/12/rail-privatisation-dutch-and-german-companies-took-uk-for-ride